Arcata, California Old Redwood Inn, now Days Inn

by Tricia Melms
(Chico, Ca. USA)

I was staying in room 227 upper left corner, I am a wedding photographer so my assistant and I had a lot of gear to load and unload from our car for the wedding. We arrived Friday evening to this room apx 6 pm. I noticed a weird mausoleum type smell as soon as I walked in and the room is VERY old and dated. I assumed it was just the old outdatedness. We unloaded only our over night bag and hung the clothes up real quick then left to go to dinner. As we entereed the room at apx 9:30pm, we noticed on the bed closest to the front door whic is the king bed, that the remote control to the tv is on top of the binder that has info on the hotel, services locally, etc in it. It was at the foot of the bed so it was very noticable. AS I left last and closed the door, it was still like that, as we weere only in the room for apx 2-3- mins max as all we did was unload. I remember thinking how nice that was and upgraded compared to the rest of the room! (that the remote was on this at the foot of the bed).

We left and came back and the first thing that caught my eye as I walked into the room was the remote was across the bed to the top area and the binder was OPEN! The first thought was someone was in our room and I was pissed but very glad we had NOT unloaded the camera gear yet into the room and took it with us... we both commented on it and were very disturbed!
We thought nothing else of anything saturday as we stayed fri and sat nights. I did however not be able to sleep, just dozing in and out which is NOT like me.
I fall asleeep all the time and love sleep!
So sunday AM apx noon, we were packing up and getting ready to check out. We were in a hurry as we were running just over an hour extra getting out of the room! Due to no sleep! Anyways, we were loading the car, and my assistant went down to the car and i would bring her stuff. She was organizing while I was bringing stuff. On the last trip back into the room to check to make sure I had everything, my assistant came with me... as I waslked into the room, I noticed the TV was ON!!!!!! WE had NOT watched it at all ever that AM, not at all. The remote was on the nightstand, no where near me getting bags from floor by door!!! She looked at me funny as I her and at that moment I finally realized theres something not normal here! We left quick and I asked the clerk if she knew of anything weird going on in there or the hotel and she said not really, but the way she said it was strange, but then she whispered to us that it it said that the hotel is built on an ancient burial ground! That area she said is all old burial grounds!!! MYSTERY SOLVED!! I have to say that I normally do not beleive in this stuff! I do not want to see spirits of any kind. this has me a beleiver now, as there is zero reasons that stuff happened, and I always sleep well so I do think there is a spirit of some kind there!!!

this was Aug. 23, 2012 weekend. I was so adimit that I decided to go ahead and look it up!!!

also I know of a school but I will get more info before I submit since its not directly involving me :)



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