Annie Deweese New Albany Indiana

by Annie
(New Albany Indiana)

Hello, I'm Annie and i had a short story to tell. I once lived in New Albany Indiana in a house on West Street across the street from a cemetary. I was 16 yrs old and lived w/my mom, sister & her family. My mom & me would see dark clouds all throughout the house and consider them as demons of somekind. We dont know much about the house but one night my nephew (who was 7 yrs old at the time) saw a puddle of blood in his room and came running to my room in fear to show me (our bdrms was an attic at one point) and once we went to his room the puddle of blood was gone. A day or so later i was pushed down the stairs when i was walking down them. When i looked upstairs there was a dark figure looking @ me smiling with its eyes glowing red.

If theres anyway u can help me learn some history about this house, PLEASE let me know.

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