Annabella and Zackary (Pittsburgh PA)

by Leah
(Pittsburgh PA)

It all started in 6th grade at the beging of the school year. My friend and I were having a sleep over. We decided to do an investigation for ghost for fun. We asked what the ghost name was on a recording and we heard a boy say "Zackaeey" in a deep whispered voice when we played back the recording. We took some pictures around my house and in one of the pictures a figure of a little girl showed up with a blue orb near her we took multiple pictures and the orb was no longer there. We decided to end it there.

The next day we decided to name the little girl Annabella. Strangly, she responded to the name by giving me a light tap on the sholder.
(sometime in Feburary) A few month latter I was laying in bed I heard a faint hello in my ear that sounded like a little girl. I jolted up out of bed terrifid.
(Easter night 7th grade year) Around midnight I felt a light tap on my shoulder. I was terrifid to turn around but I did anyways a saw a girl with brown long straight hair (in the picture taken in the 1st event the girl appeared to have long straight hair) I knew it was Annabella. She rose from my bedroom floor I turned around to frightened to look. when I looked back she was gone.
(summer going into 8th grade) My friend slept over again we were about ready to go to bed. I hear someone say "its you again" in an evil voice. I get scared jump and hide behind the couch and my friend jumped and hid to I asked her if she heard what I heard she said "no I saw a figue that looks like a girl walking away"
(through out my 8th grade year) I have been tapped on the shoulder, I have heard Zackary tell me to leave, I have seen figures running, I have heard foot steps, and I heard someone knocking on my door. I saw Zackary once when i was up late he has blonde hair and blue eyes, he is strong looking and tall. That brings me up to today, so far those are the the events that have happened to me.

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