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by dave
(alpena Michigan)

I've always been optimistic and felt that there is reason for everything. But I have been in a couple of situations that have made me a believer in ghost and evil spirits. The first was when my first wife rented a trailer just after our first born. There were two other trailers on the property also. I had been at my parents down the road a few miles visiting and my wife was at here mothers with our son staying the night. I decided that it was time to go home it was a little bit after midnight when I got there I noticed that the neighbors were on both sides of me were gone and there were no lights on in any of our homes. As I entered my trailer and turned on the living room light I felt an Erie presence, now I'm a six foot even guy and was in my early twenties and in great shape and not much scares me(till now). I felt that there was something or someone in the trailer with me, so I proceeded to go from room to room and turned on all the lights in every room looking for whatever or whomever may be in there with me and there was no one so I then returned to the living room and was going to go to the kitchen and get a snack when all of the sudden a very large potted plant that we had that was up on top of our entertainment stand just flew off and smashed on the floor. That was it I was out the door and in my car spraying gravel and back to parents. I never said a word to anyone and we moved about a month later. I later found out that there was a bar that had originally sat on the property and on the spot where our trailer was. I don't know if anyone died in the fire or if anyone was ever killed in the bar but that got me starting to believe. This next story is the one that made a believer out of me. I was about thirty three or four. I was married to my second wife and we had a year old daughter and had recently rented a an old farm house (both experiences are here in the same town) in return for us to move in asap I had agreed to do some remodeling in the home kitchen bathroom etc. Well one night I was working in the kitchen and got that same Erie feeling that someone or something was in the room with me or watching me, I kept stopping and looking over my shoulder but know one there. I decide to take a break to smoke a cigarette and as I was standing there I was drawn to a corner cabinet in the kitchen. I've always been curious as to what people leave behind when they move out, I was compelled to reach up on top of the corner cabinet and I found a picture of a man in a suit and hat standing next to a car out in the driveway of this home. It looked to be in the late thirty early forties and had a most displeased look on his face, it bothered me so much that returned the picture to where I found it and left for the evening. I forgot about it and we moved in. About a year or so we were living there we had our room upstairs and our daughters room was at the other end of our room just at the top of the stairs was the entrance to her room. I awoke one night to see a silhouette standing at the top of the stairs and next to the entry to her room. Now mind you I said earlier that I'm six foot and at this time one hundred seventy to eighty ponds not to mention in the any and out of basic training just over a year so I'm not to scared. As I laid there watching whatever was there, watching me or my daughter I'm saying under my breath. Move just move and it will be your last mistake, it may have been only minutes but seemed like an hour that watch this dark shadow when it occurred to me that what I was seeing was a man in a suit and hat. I instantly got out of bed and went for my daughter when I reached the end of our bed he or it disappeared. I got my daughter and she slept with us till we moved out. It was about a year later we were having friends over and I brought it it my wife said that she had seen it to one evening when I was gone but didn't want to bring it up as to upset me. Now every once in awhile I get those feelings and they got more frequent when I started working for our local cemetery but I'm a true believer in spirits and ghost. Some good. Some bad. Pay close attention to your surroundings.

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Jul 22, 2015
Interesting... NEW
by: ParaDaughter

I am a true believer having had many experiences that I cannot explain in a rational way. That's what makes them "paranormal". However what I find is that the experience, while it is unnerving, isn't necessarily evil. Perhaps the man, in your 2nd experience, a former owner just hangs around to watch over the place. Certainly the impression is that he is watching over your daughter. The 1st experience is puzzling. Given the history it might be a restless spirit just making it's presence known - could have been a cat that wandered in and jumped onto the entertainment center. I offer that as THAT happened to me once - a cat followed me in and later I saw it race out once the door was reopened. Thanks for sharing!

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