all american inn fort dix new jersey

by christian

on some occasions you can see a women walking around looking for her missing eye on the third floor of the second building.

ON 3-5-2011 my mom and i were doing laundry here and a gentleman walks in to the laundry checks on his laundry then leaves but before he leaves i was standing in the door way when i see the custodial workers door open less then a foot then close (x2) then he leaves.

i step out into the hall way to debunk the door which i couldn't do and in the midst of that a gray figure walks from inside the break room through the wall in to the hall way where I'm at and i follow it and i walks right through the basement wall.

i seen this figure in the basement when my mom and i stepped out side. then when we walked back in my mom got the feeling that we were not alone any more. this is absolutely true

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