All Aboard Daycare

by Lillian
(Cape Coral, Florida)

Well, one day at my daycare me and my friends were outside playing and we were looking at the preschool daycare and we saw a door opening and closing by itself. We thought it was just the wind blowing, but I checked and it was blowing in the opposite direction! Then we tried telling others, but nobody listened.... We tried to forget about it, but then we saw something horrifying! We all saw a little girl standing there in a shadow and she giggled and then turned away and disappeared into thin air. We looked at eachother and screamed! Then I stopped and jumped over the fence and ran toward where she was and I looked around and saw nothing but I heard Deja screaming w/ Alyssa.

Just before I was goning to head back, I heard laughter and I looked over and I saw her standing there again.... right next to me and I walked closer to her and she scratched me across my face! I tried to attack her, but all I got was air. Then the next day, me and my friends, Brittany and Phoenix, were going down the slide and I got trapped in the slide without doing anything.... my feet just dangling! So I screamed for Phoneix and Brittany and they tried pulling me out, but they couldn't. I felt a cold breath on my neck so I turned back and I saw the same little girl, and she bit me on the neck and my friends finally got me out of there and they noticed that I had bite marks on my neck... They went to tell the Ms. Candi, but she didn't believe me. Til this day, I still hear laughter and see a little girl figure in shadows.... no matter where I go.

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