by Alice witheridge

The day my grandmother died, she was in the hospital with cancer, I went home and had s bath. At one point I sat bolt up right really quickly and knew she had passed away. An hour later my mother came home from the hospital and told she had died at the exact time I had sat up. It was so strange. We had had a disagreement about me quitting university and she had said she was upset with me.

That night I stayed at a friends house and woke up in the middle of the night, it was pitch black and no light coming through any curtain anywhere, but there was this glowing ball of light flashing back and forward trying get my attention. I checked again for any other light source, and there was not. Once I focused on the flashing, glowing gold ball of light, I felt this amazing sense of calm, and I knew my granny was saying everything is fine between us, and i should be at peace. Then the ball of light zipped away. I am a total sceptic but I know exactly what I saw and felt. These golden balls of light are spirts before they have passed to the other side... Whatever that it. It was a truly positive experience, and one I will defend the rest of my life.

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