After Classes

by Ria Salvador
(Manila, Philippines)

This was just a very short story.

This was not the first time I've seen a ghost, and I always feel them. That heavy feeling when I was in a church, or in a historical place.

Well, here it goes.

It's already 7:30 PM when our class dismissed. It was very hot inside the classroom that time. When we got out of the room, I felt a very strong gust of cold wind at the hallway. At first, I thought it would be refreshing.

While walking at the hallway, I saw something at the open door of the classroom next to ours. It was like wearing a Baro't Saya (a dress-like clothing worn by the Filipinas in 50's). The dress was waving very slowly in the strong gust of cold air. I was also walking very slowly as I look at what I am seeing that I time. I didn't saw the whole thing. I only saw the dress. I thought I would stare at it for ages, until we reached the CR. I was quiet that time. I never thought I will saw another one after 3 years. I came back again, hoping that maybe it was just a real dress. But when I came back, I saw nothing. The lights were off, but I didn't saw the dress anymore.

Last time, we had a field trip at one of the most historical, and haunted place in the Philippines. All sorts of events happened there - war, independence, revolutions, etc. Me and some of my classmate felt a heavy feeling at that place.

Is it one of the ghost that we felt that time and followed us at school? I don't know. I can always feel them. But its very rare for me to see one.

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