Adairsville GA

by Jason Stephens
(Rossville GA)

A friend of mine discovered this place about 8 years ago. He has been 8-9 times and everytime he has experienced paranormal activity. A group of 5 including me went to this haunted house on April 10th 2011.

The house is a small 3 room shack that has been abandoned for a long time. About 7-8 min after arriving we started experiencing the paranormal activity. There was loud foot steps above us in the attic, temp dropped 10-20 degrees several times. Flashlight quit working with new batteries and once we left the property it started working again. We could hear faint voices, got lots of orbs and mist including a red mist in our digital pictures. This place you could def feel the presence of something. Very scary but yet fun!

Sorry cannot give exact location was swore to secrecy.

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