Acmar Commisary Moody Alabama

by Stephanie McDaniel
(Moody, Al. U.S.A.)

My husband and I live right around the block from the acmar commisary that was used during the civil war times for groceries and things the towns people needed. We have been down there several times and peeked in the windows and walked the grounds.

I have taken several pictures on my phone and camera and always get orbs or figures. I took one and didnt look at it until I got back home, when i went through them it had a figure of a man with a miners hat on standing in the corner.
Another day that my father went with me he said he kept hearing something rattling around inside, I quickly snapped a picture and had a face staring back at me. I always get orbs or figures in my pictures. I believe that it is ghost of miners and of women and children.
Moody Alabama is trying to raise money to get it set up as a museum and to provide hiking areas for people to enjoy and I hope this can help bring more people out to see what a wonderful place it is and learn about its history.
P.S.- Will get the pics posted on here as soon as I can.

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