Aberdeen, Wa Sam Benn Park

by Simple Observer
(Aberdeen, Wa)

Just wondering if there is anyone else in the area that has witnessed any type of paranormal-type things at or around Sam Benn Park in aberdeen , wa.

I and my spouse have both witnessed a couple of very weird things that can only be described as a type of "paranormal" stuff when we were going for a walk thru the park and along the sidewalk, especially on North I Street which borders the park.
This can't be just a "coincidence". We are planning on going back with a camera.
Note; Our walks usually take place at night, cause thats the only time we have to
do our walks since my spouse works dayshift. Usually gets home, do dinner, than a little later, go walk. I think there's something weird going on at the park. I did find out that in 2003 a crazy mental patient drug-addict brutally murdered a 4 yr old boy that she was supposed to be babysitting. Sick. Just sick sick sick. Then the "babysitter" died at the park also apparently from drugs.

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