A white house in somers point nj

by terry evans
(atlantic city, new jersey)

I was about five or six years old, maybe younger. Me, my father and mother moved into a two story white house in somers point nj. The white house was located down the street from the somers point circle, and right next to seafood restaurant named maxes. And a white wall sat in front of the house that separated the yard from a parking lot. I owned a big wheels bike, and if anyone was old enough or owned one, you would not need me to explain, but I will. My big wheel bike was black and yellow, he m shaped handle bar being the only part on the bike that was yellow the rest was black. A big wheel sat in front of the bike with two petals on each side. The seat sat a few inches above the ground and two black small wheels sat behind it. I was not allowed to play outside by myself so my parents allowed me to ride the bike inside the house. I just turned the bike around in the living room and began to ride the bike into the dining room when my dusty gray and red striped sweater lifted up by itself and skimmed the ceiling, I grabbed my ears and screamed out the top of my lungs. My father ran down the stairs and yelled at me to stop screaming. when I pointed he turned around to see the sweater skimming the ceiling, then watched it land behind the front door. The ghost would walk up and down the basement stairs and turn on the second floor lights after you turned them off. One thanksgiving my mother was cooking a turkey, every time she turned on he oven the spirit would turn it off. One time when I fell off my bed in the morning and hit my head on the floor. My mom yelled for me to come to her in the room. when I walked out into the hallway, the spirit took the form of the killer in the movie called psycho with norman bates and when I seen that, I ran into my parents room quickly and looked back and it was gone.

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