A Unwanted Friend

by Chera
(Danville, Va)

There was a family who lived on a long, old dirt road. They didn't have a lot of neighbors. The previous neighbors committed suicide after their wife had died from unknown reasons.

They were a young couple, didn't have a lot. Their names were Mary and Jake. Mary found out, she was pregnant. They were both so happy, especially to their parents. Mary's mother asked if the baby had begun to kick, and Mary said yes. Mary's mother put her hands on Mary's stomach to feel the baby kick. Mary's mother had wide eyes, and said she didn't want anything to do with that demon child of Mary's. Mary said she didn't know what she was talking about. Jake said her mother was just hallucinating.
A couple months later Mary gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. They both named her after Mary's mother, Donna. They thought maybe it would cheer her up. Instead she was appalled. She strictly said "I want nothing to do with that demon! Now you name that thing after me? How dare you!!"
Years went by and Mary and Jake noticed, Donna would stare and point at thin air. They thought soon she would grow out of it. She never did. When Donna learned to talk later on, she'd always say "Hi friend! Hi Alice!". Mary soon got tired of this, and researched who lived in the house before them. There was a family of 4. A mother, a father, and a little girl and a younger brother. They were named Alice and Peter.
Later on Donna still talked to "The Friend Alice". Jake soon noticed
things began to go missing. Pens, paper, (eye) glasses, and other things like that. Mary and Jake searched Donna's room and found everything that was missing. "Why did you take this stuff? It wasn't yours, you aren't supposed to take things that don't belong to you." Donna's reply was "I didn't take that stuff, Alice wanted to play school, she took it"
They got tired of the same response, "I didn't take it Alice did."
Later on in the year, Mary decided she wanted 2 kids. So she got pregnant. And she had a little boy. Her mother didn't react the same as she did with Donna. She named the little baby boy after her parents, Thomas.
One day, Donna was playing in her room, while Mary and Jake were giving Thomas a bath. Soon the heard a high pitched scream coming from Donna's room. They ran upstairs and found Donna dead.
In Donna's blood on the walls were "I didn't take my life, Alice did."
They called the police, they said it wasn't a crime, but they got an ambulance, even though Donna was dead.
Yeats later, after Donna's death, Mary decided to look up the house again. And it said the little girl Alice was killed, for an unknown person and reason, and the case is still unsolved.
The parents of Alice said they saw paper moving and floating, and pens with it. And heard a faint voice of Alice playing school. And she was still in search of someone to play with.
So Alice found someone to play with, and took their life too. So she couldn't leave.

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