A teacher's story.

by Kelly

I am an elementary school teacher. My experience happened in the classroom where I had taught for the last sixteen years. It occured the last week of April, 2012. It was a sunny, warm spring day between 1:00 and 1:30 in the afternoon. I was testing a student from the classroom next door. We were the only two people in my classroom at the time and we were both sitting at the same table. At one point the student leaned forward. When he did so, I could suddenly see that behind him and slightly to his left, was a circle of brown light. It was between the size of a golf ball and a tennis ball. It was stippled inside (tiny dots the same brown color). Inside this cirlce of light and towards the right, was a section that was moving. It was an undulation. Something inside this thing was appearing and disappearing. I could see a small finger shaped light that would appear as if moving forward then disappear as if moving behind the circle. It reminded me of a heart beat, but was beating or fluttering very quickly. This circle of light was approximately 7 feet away and about three and half feet above the ground. It very slowly began to move forward towards us, but in a straight projectory parallel to us. At one point I could have reached out and "touched" it. My mind was racing trying to make sense of what I was seeing. The only thing I could come up with was a spirit/ghost orb. Even as I considered this I was arguing with myself that it could not be an "orb" because I was seeing it with my own eyes, in color, with incredible detail, in the middle of the day. Also, I was seeing it in my classroom. Who would be visiting my classroom? As soon as I had that thought, I remembered the teacher who, several years ago, had suddenly passed away one evening after coming home from work. She and I had shared the classroom, where this event was unfolding, for one school year. Even though I thought this might be her, I

wasn't sure who or what this was and instinct took over. I told myself don't look at it any longer, don't acknowledge it. I did choose to keep looking at it indirectly, however. I noticed that as it passed by me I could see that it was not one dimensional as it initially appeared to be, but had a "side" to it. The light moved up and over a bookcase and as it did so, it disappeared. The student never saw it and I did not say anything at the time. I can report that I have never seen anthing like it before or since, anywhere. After the event I researched online and found several sights that claimed orbs could be seen in color with the naked eye. The websights reported that the color of the orb seemed to be dependent on the intent of the orb. A brown orb was associated with "earthly concerns". One websight stated that anyone who saw a brown or black orb would have a tragedy follow. Nothing happened for a month. Towards the end of May a second teacher at my school suddenly passed away. She was getting ready for work when suddenly she had a stroke. Although brain dead, She was put on life support and several days later her organs were harvested. This teacher who had suddenly died had been good friends with the first teacher that had also suddenly passed away, and they had both taught the same grade level at the time of their deaths. So this is my theory, the first teacher knew the second was going to pass away and she came to visit (her earthly concern). As a sidebar she decided to check out me and the classroom we once shared. I think she really wanted to let me know that she was still "around" so she "revealed" herself to me. I have looked on the internet for anyone else describing the details I saw in my orb, in particular the heart beat like undulation, but have found no one else reporting this detail. I would very much like to know if anyone has had a similar experience to mine.

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