A Small Round Light

by Clara

Last night around 12:30am I was sitting in my living room sofa, working on the laptop, with all the lights off in the house. I felt something touch my foot, but I dismissed it as a mosquito. Then about 5 minutes later I hear some noise by the children's play table (across from the sofa). Because it was dark I thought my young daughter work up and sat there. When I called her name I saw this little small round light fly across the living room as if she was running. I was so convinced it was my daughter that I went to the kitchen and turned on the lights. Confused I went to her bedroom and she was sound asleep. Then I started just turning on the lights around the house and took another look around even though I had no idea what it was that I was looking for. And for the record I'm a healthy stable woman who is not on medication. Now I'm wondering is this something that I should be concerned about? Also, one night in the children's room I was sitting there waiting for them to go to sleep and suddenly you hear toy blocks falling, however all the blocks where in tact. Then my daughter told me one day that she saw a man open the door, but I was in the kitchen and for anyone to open the door would really be impossible. What gives?

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