A Riverside Haunting In Oregon

by Jamie Moon
(Eugene, Oregon, USA)

My Ex hubby and I used to scuba dive.. and we would always find new places to dive and search and explore. well our neighbor Dan said that there was a place that ppl were going to to dive and such but if we were caught then we would probobly be kicked off the land.

well we went anyways a few times until one day when we were diving, I felt something wasnt right like we needed to leave I walked over to this portion of dirt right next to the river and way deep below the clay side of the river I found arrow heads. not uncommon to find they are STILL all over oregon.

I picked up the arrowhead and was about to tell my ex what id found and this figure was standing in front of me. a darkish shadow but visible and clear, it was an indian chief. he said nothing but I felt he wanted us gone he didnt scare me but I felt an energy of respect like, we were invading in a place we were NOT supposed to be. We hauled ass outta there and I did some research as to why in Gods green earth I saw an indian there of all places.

apparently we were diving next to an indian burial ground our stuff was sitting on grave sites. we were litterally dis respecting the graves of indians. Not good and we never went back.

As strong as the feeling of love I have for the man in my life is as strong as the energy of respect for this chief I was looking at was flowing thru me it was a freckin trip like I said, we hauled ass outta there and never went back ever. Out of respect for the Living Indians as well as the honor and respect for the non living ones, I shall only say the location was along one of the rivers north of Eugene Oregon. And ask that all who read this, respect them as well and do not try to find it.

But they are very real and I hope that my story will prove that as well as give new honor to the tribes who died and lived in this state.

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