A Real Scream - Allisonville Rd., Fishers, Indiana

by Renee'
(Indianapolis, In)

My dad, who is now in his sixties, spins a yarn about a real-life haunted farmhouse that he and his family used to live in when he was a small boy. He said, it was out on Allisonville Road in Fishers, Indiana. He said, all he can remember about it was that the "ghost" WAS NOT a very nice "ghost" and that it was so mean, that it scared his mother out of the house! My Grandma was not somene to be intimidated. If something scared her, then it was most absolutely bad! At least, he said, that's how he and his sister and five brothers saw it! Grandma was a very stout, tough, german woman who didn't scared at "boo" alone. She'd seen plenty of "unexplained" things in her life, so spooks usually didn't bother her. But, the one in that ol' farmhouse did!

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