A Presence Among Us

by Lori

Some years ago, my family lived in an upstairs apartment in the valley. The building itself didn't look all the greatest but our apartment was pretty fair on the inside. Underneath, we had a large area that once used to be an old produce store. With some remodeling, it soon became a small church where we enjoyed some great services. We had left our nephew and his wife babysitting one night only to come home and find them all scared to death huddled on our living room couch. Our nephew informed us that down below in the church we had unexpected company. That it had sounded like someone or something took a large table full of a feast and just up turned everything. Then took a ball bat to it all smashing everything. After taking our bible with us and exploring the church, we found an unwelcomed, full of hate of what seemed to be an evil presence that was lurking in the back rooms. It was generating from a large freezer room that once was used in the produce store long ago. And after that night it seemed as though a presence lurked around the downstairs and during the nights strange, unexplained noises would come from below up through the floors of our apartment. If you were out, when you came back a strong evil presence would not be far from your heels as you quickly raced for the upstairs apartment door. Almost pushing you along or grasping at your heels. And when you got to the top, entering the apartment and closing the door, you could hear the presence as it seemed to clash with the door and actually see the door knob turning. We all wandered what would happen if one day it managed to open that door. But somehow a strong sense always emerged and comfort knowing that God had placed an angel there that the thing just couldn't pass through. The church soon moved afterwards. Then our family across the road into a nicer place. But we always wandered about the presence across the street as it seemed to be watching. Still looking for souls it might devour.

By: Lori
October 24, 2013

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