A paranormal experience?

by jennifer fockler
(Alma, MI)

Two years ago my family went to check out the Ammi Wright house in Alma ,Mi. Right from the start,I felt kind of uneasy,especially in the basement. There I just felt unwelcome. As we walked through exploring the house, it is a beautiful house I could only imagine what it looked like when it was lived in. We went to the second or third floor,(depends how you count them), i would get cold chills in areas and weird feelings in others. I walked into what I would say was the bath because it had an old copper tub. I got this sad feeling and scared feeling like I didnt want to be there(as if I were feeling for someone else)I felt confused and scared. All I wanted was to be out of that room! As soon as I walked out of the room,the scared feeling went away. On the same floor my daughter was walking toward the room I was just in when she said it felt like cobwebs brushed against her and cold. (it was August and like 90 degrees outside) no breezes or ac on. I went over to her and looked to see if I saw cobwebs and nothing, but.. every hair on her arms and back of her neck were standing up!! All of the sudden she started crying and I asked her what was wrong she said she didnt know, she just got this sad feeling come over her. She walked away from the corner she was near and the feeling went away. My son said he felt "watched" the whole time. Now neither of my kids are little , they were 15 and 17 at the time. We hear someone bought the house and are redoing it into a bed and breakfast,wont that be interesting.

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