A house on monroe blvd #8 ogden utah

by Isabella Keyworth
(Ogden utah)

One time i got a collector barbie for my birthday and my little sister wanted to play with it really bad . But I kept saying no so i just figured that i would hide it on the shelf in my closet, between two boxes and stuffed a shirt so she would not see it.And she was not any were upstairs so she had no idea that i was hiding it or what i was doing, so like 5 min later i was looking for some socks in my dresser and i glanced over in my closet and there it was my barbie out of the box sitting there on my shelf in my closet by the shirt.But my sister could not of got it she was to short to reach, and she was sleeping the whole time so she would not have known at all and no one else could of got it because i was the only one upstairs.

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