a haunted childhood

by debbie
(flint mi.)

there is a house in goodrich michigan on jossman rd. that i spent a good part of my childhood. i can't remember how long we had lived in the house before it became evident that we were not alone, but it was'nt long. one night, like many, we were awakend by every water faucet in the house being turned on. our bedrooms were upstairs and we heard our parents panic. we all woke up to find our mother yelling to the ghost to go away. it did'nt work. soon after that, the old farm house we lived in had floor registers, including one large one in a hallway downstairs. again in the middle of the night, every register in the house,(downstairs), had not only popped out of it's hole but were found 2 to 3 feet from where they were. we had dishes fly from the dishdrainer from time to time. one night, my mother was scared being the only one up late to watch some show on t.v.. she had come up to my room and woke me up to see if i wanted to get up with her for a while. i thought was great and gladly got up. we were sitting in the living room and heard the stairs creek like someone was comming down to use the bathroom. mom told me to keep quiet so the other kids would'nt be mad cause i got to get up. i glanced into the kitchen where the stairs came down and saw what i thouht was my sister heading for the bathroom. we heard the steps go down the hallway. we waited and waited and no one ever came back through. mom snuck to check and there was noone there. she checked on her and she was fast asleep. many more very scary things happened over the years that would take me forever to reveal. we moved in 1974 and often wonder if whoever lives there now has experienced anything. my brother has talked about stopping in just to see. we don't know any history on the house, but it sat in the middle of corn fields and the nearest neighbor was more than a mile away. i grew up beleiving and slept a lot of nights with the blankets up over my head. my parents have all of the pictures of the house. it seemed to be particularly interested in my younger sister. she would see some things we did'nt and one time all 8 kids were eating dinner and she yelled out and grabbed her shoulder. when mom investigated, it appeared that something had bit her or pinched or something. that started a life long awarness of what's around us.

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