A girl named Faith

by Alondra b.
(Hyde park , MA)

When i was about six or five i used to live in this

very big lovely green house with many lovely people
one day i was asleep after playing
i went to sleep in my bunk bed with my
brother i was hearing noises it was a bang
in the kitchen horrblie loud scary sound
i heard it aging louder i got out of bed and
walked to the kitchen i saw a girl she was with
a white dress and brown dark hair bare feet then
she said bye and left fast toward the wall and
walked threw it then i went back to bed thinking
so i told my mom she said she heard and my brother
did too three days later i saw a picture in the fire place
it was her i asked my friend she said to ask her sister
i did she said thats faith she was nine mured by a man
she was running down the street just for fun then
a man took her and mured her it was horblie but
i still see her i asked her once hi she said hi
lets play so we did i still see her asking lets play

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