A ghost or what?

by Nadia

Well I have always had a fear of ghosts but truly when you see it yourself neither can you let go of it, nor can you go near it. Mine is not actually a ghost story cause being a Muslim I don't believe in ghosts. I believe in "Jin" and I know they are for real and I was quite sure of their existence when I faced it. It has been going around for two years. Many unexpected things happen around me. I see a black figure standing in the mirror, sometimes it follows me and sometimes it stares at me while I study. Sometimes the figure touches me when I lay down and sometimes blows wind at me. It's a cold feeling, sometimes it stares at me and I can even see feet! It's not about the house, it's me who is haunted because once in Singapore it attacked me at night in the hotel. I literally choked but then I could call out my dad. The "thing" held my head down the pillow for about 20 seconds, it was ridiculous. And sometimes while am chatting or talking over phone I see the shadow passing. I don't know when it will leave me but am happy it doesn't harm me that much. But sometimes I am scared. Once it dropped a shopping bag and banged the door of a room I was sitting in.

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