939 Black Rock Turnpike

by Julie Benson Petitt
(Bradford PA)

I grew up in this house on Black Rock Turnpike and now live in Bradford PA. It is right on the golf course of the Connecticut Golf Club. I saw shadows, doors opening, watching latches opening on their own. I was 7 til 11 years old when I lived there. This is a very old house. There were times when I just felt someone was watching.

There was a story of the ghost of Mr. Borner, but I never believed it. The basement would give you chills. I never made it more than 3/4 down the stairs all the time I lived there. The upstairs attick with stone steps going up to it... I felt safe there in a certain room. The room to the left as you went up was scary, but the room around the smoke oven was comforting. No explanation...just was safer to me and I would play dress up there.

I just saw more military figures... rifles with knives on the end more than the people. I later realized that was revolutionary war weapons.

I never have experienced anything since. Maybe you should check it out.

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