700 south Allen street centralia missouri 65240 my name is Lawanna rothman

by Lawanna rothman
(Centralia missouri 65240 boone county)

Well it was fine when we first moved in but have heard some stories about this town. Well the longer we've been living here I started to notice some things not right and was getting freak out at night then we started getting into aguements me and my soon to be husband and then aggression started to happen with him and our dogs. Well now it's a battle and at night my dogs wake up flipping out running out our room into other room then running back in here and growling as they turn around and when I look at the tv's our cameras are hook to there's some shadow people I see and other people and im scared to go out the frount or on side of house at night. My dogs even have run to side door drive way side and be flipping out. Can you please help me figure out what is going on or what has happen here. The frount part of our house is 100 years old as of this year the landlord told me.

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