6423 South Puget Sound Ave, Tacoma, WA

by Sitara T

In my attic bedroom I woke up to seeing a shadow man walk out of a landscape portrait. Otherwise I felt very strange cold or warm places in the master bedroom and the shed. I instinctively refused to go into that shed.

In my cousin's house, we heard a rocking chair and occasionally a piano in the inaccessable attic. Everyone but me was pushed from the apple tree in the back yard at least once, and the fruit from that tree always grew but rotted before it could ripen. And she had an experience in which some strange humanoid but deformed, skeletal thing crawled out from under a hall table and toward her as she watched tv. The cat went crazy, and when it was close enough to touch, her sister and she grabbed the cat and ran out the door. I saw it slam behind them and when they tried to get in again, it was locked. They had been home alone.

In the alley behind the houses, we saw three dogs- a great dane, a chihuahua and some other dog, but all of them had these eyes that glowed like coals. They chased us the whole way back to the houses. Every time I went into that alley, I felt dizzy and sick and claustrophobic.

We went back to the house recently to see if we were still terrified. And we were. The nerighbors had warned us about it this time, and as we left we saw that the front porch light was on. The house was unoccupied at the time.

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