612 w.Virginia , Gunnison Colorado

by Conni
(Delta Colorado)

I, along with my now ex-husband bought the home in the 1970s. It was in need of alot of renovating. Once the work was completed, paranormal events started to take place. We had a dog named Bucky and sometime in the middle of the night, he woke the house hold up by barking at a corner of the living room . There was a wall shelf which held a collection of dinner bells. Just before we entered the room, we heard the ringing of a bell.

Another time, my son who was young said there was a swirling of lights around his head as he laid in bed. he waited years before telling us.

One time everyone went out for the evening except me. I sat on the sofa watching tv and looked away from the tv as I felt a presence looking at me. I saw a cloud form move from the dining room entrance to in front of the tv. I am an adult and was so scared, I tried to call for my mom ( she lived across town) but the words wouldnt come out. I felt as though the presense was a man for some reason.

Another time, Bucky, the dog was found barkin in the basement. There was this old door in the basement that held another door to an old fruit cellar. I opened the door and turned on this light within. The dog approached the fruit cellar room and kept barking with the hair standing on end on his fur.

I contacted this paranormal who lived Denver Colorado. He entered the house and said he felt alot of spirtual activity going on. It wasnt long after this that we sold the home.

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