5436 hopkins road, richmond VA, 23234

by Brittany M.
(midlothian, virginia)

My mother's childhood house is on hopkins road virginia. She grew up there with her parents,her brother,and her younger sister. One night, on a school night my mother was 9 or 10 and her and her brother and her sister were playing hide and go seek. My mother was in one of the corners of the house and all of the lights were off. Her parents were downstairs watching tv. My aunt was in the other corner and my uncle was counting in his room. My aunt took one quick look at my mom and automatically saw a figure behind her, my aunt started screaming my mom turned around and saw it and ran screaming down stairs. My mom and my aunt both described it as an 1800's woman with an old gown on and an older woman. My mother did research on the hopkins house, when she was older. She found out that the woman who had died in that house was older and her name was Judy and she had a husband and three kids;a son, and two daughters.My grand father who lived in the house had a wife named Judy. They had a son(my uncle),and two daughters(my aunt, and my mom). It really scared my mom when she found that out, but over time my whole family who lived in the house at the time started hearing voices and banging nosies throughout the house. But the spirit of Judy never hurt anybody who lived there. She would actually get mad if any of the children would argue or yell and she would break a mirror or anything that was glass to make them stop. So after a while they decided to move out of the house. After many years of the abandonded house, when my grand father was sixty they moved back in to the hopkins house,which was in 2011, but it was not in a very good state of moving in since my grand father owned a construction business

he started remodeling the house himself. When his workers started remodeling the house they started to hear foot steps and different noisez throughout the house, so they told my grand father that they will not work in that house ever again and they left. My uncle still worked putting in flooring and hestarted hearing things to and he didnt work there anymore. They finally moved back in and everything was fine then they got a boston terrior named weny. After a while she started just randomly barking at nothing. We didnt understand what was wrong with her. But my cousin and I are very curious about everything, so we started taking picture of the house. We looked back at the pictures and you could see little orbs floating in the pictures. And we noticed that there would be a little grayish,whitish shadow that would be in one spot of the picture and then we would immediately take another picture of the same spot and it would have moved in the picture. It scared us so bad. One day my grand mother was sitting on her bed putting her shoes on and she knew that my grand father was outside getting the mail. But she was taking to long so she heard someone say hurry up, come on cheryl (My grand father got divorced and remarried a woman named cheryl)and she looked out the window and saw my grand father outside and she started freaking out because it was a mans voice. But she already knew about judy (the woman who died there)but the man's voice was new she never knew about a man that died there. They moved out again because they couldnt a forward it. But the house used to be an old plantation house where slaves used to be owned and sold. It's a beautiful house i want to own it when i'm older. I'm still down research on the hopkins house trying to figure out who the man is.

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Aug 26, 2015
House built in 1908 NEW
by: Anonymous

The house was built in 1908 and so could not have been a place where slaves were bought and sold. The house was built by Rupert and Judith Winfree.

Oct 19, 2014
Inquiring Minds Would Like to Know NEW
by: Anonymous

Have you found any more research on The Edgewood? Did you find out who the man could be?

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