508 Lavina. read this....

by DC
(Knox Indiana)

Check out 508 Lavina St. in fort wayne indiana. It's haunted. I know because we used to live there. The closet is a passage way to the other world that was opened by a very powerful person. As far as I know there is mostly negative spirits in that house. I only remember a select few though. There is a little girl in a pink party dress that will show you around the house if you only ask her to. There is someone upstairs throwing up in the toilet. There is a little boy on the back porch that smells like sawdust. There is a fat little man in a joker costume that runs behind you in a mirror and like in the scooby doo cartoons there is one in the back yard that just floats there looking at you as if waiting to get in the house. Please go check it out. It was a very nice house but be careful of the basement. It really is scary down there. Be careful of all the ghosts and spirits there also protect yourself take a psychic with you.

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Apr 09, 2012
I Lived there too NEW
by: MC

DC i agree with u because im ur sister! lol i remember half of tht stuff O.o

Mar 21, 2012
liar NEW
by: Anonymous

you heard that from me....

the real DC

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