37456 Lancaster. Livonia Michigan

by Laura

In the early 90's we moved into this home not believing in the paranormal. We first thought it was strange that the owners stayed in a near by motel when the house was fully furnished ( a hugh sign now)! With in one week of moving in there would be knocking on doors when nobody else was in the house, with in two months it escalated into at times loud bangs ( like someone hitting your door with a baseball bat), we would have uneasy feelings of being watched, sometimes at night if you got up to go to the bathroom just as soon as you reached the door it would SLAM shut on you. At other times there would be this perfume scent that would pass by you ( which later we identified as patchouli ). In the middle of the night we'd hear foot steps walking up the stairs and down the hallway. Another night ( and this happened several times) we'd hear what sounded like muffled men's voices and it almost sounded like they were playing poker, but the first time we thought there were actual men in the house and we ended up calling the police. Vases would fly off window cells and our dog would actually sence a presence in the lower level ( it's a tri-level house) and he'd just growl and not even go down those stairs for a treat. There were many things that happened over those four years and there hasn't yet been a family since us that's made it more then that. That house still terrifies me and I get a pit in my stomach every time I pass it. We did do renovations which made the activity worse, but it was present before we started.

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