33 Webber Street Lowell Massachusetts

by McKenzie Schiavone
(33 Webber Street Lowell Massachusetts United States )

First of all im a 13 year old girl. My story is very complicated. it all startded about nine years ago when i moved into my new apartment.. i would see huge black masses pass by my room wch has no doors. i sometimes can feel a strong pressence like someone is behind me. At night wto bed i see actual people and ghosts. no li the most visulant one is a little girl who looks about 7 or 8 years old. she talks to me and stares at me. shelll sit on my bed and hold my hand. there is also a man there too. maybe her father.so heres an example of what has happened. last year around christmas time we put out a litle reindeer figure on out table. there was no movement of any sort in or out of the house. and all of a sudden the redeer started jingling..... i was terrified. im still afraid ofthe dark becuse of this. as i write this now i feel the pressence. thank you for reading my story.

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