30720 davinport rd

by chelsey

well it started when me and my friend went walken bout 12 at night and we saw this freaky house and its very old.

we ask the landlord if there was any body who lived in it and she said no there is not but she said there was somethang wrong with the house.

there has been 4 people who died in that house a lil 6 year old girl and a lil 8 year old boy and there parents were 30 and 40 but i dont know there names.

but we were going to check the house out but my friend ran because he saw somethang but then i saw it to a lil boy and his lil sister were riden there bikes tellen us to come on and said hey and left they have throwed some stuff at us but im tryen to figure out what there tryen to tell me and next time im going to find out!!!!!!!

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