2218 levitt ave

by kasey herman
(siuox city,ia,51103)

preminisions of man in a top-hat, with an evil prescence willing to do harm. i've been held flat to the bed and couldn't move. when in the basement it seemed like he didn't want me to leave, grabed my foot and dragged me back down the stairs. even smashed a stien (large beer glass) that was feet away into my glass stovetop like it was a sign not to be messed with. i've seen many shadows running from room to room when no one was present. the attic was a totally different experience, seemed like there was a hovering cloud waititng to smother me. you just always felt there was something there i've even had friends that were scarred to walk through the house alone. there are many more stories that i havent witnessed, but they are very close friends of mine.

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