2049 9th Sarasota Fl 34237

(Sarasota Fl)

Well late at night my mom used to always hear the closet open she ignored it but then I heard it I told my mom but she ignored me. The next day I left a cup with water in the kitchen. Late at night I Woke up and went to drink some water when I Got to the kitchen i saw my cup upside down and there was no wate. The next day my friend went to sleepover and we put a camera there, we left it recording When we went to see it the camera had fallen down we picked it up and saw everything it looked like a white light walking around and it made the camera fall down purposely I couldn't believe my eyes We went and showed it to my mom we pushed play but something interrupted the video..... My mom saw how scared I was so she decided to move but she still didnt belive me after two years people moved it..people we knew and they told my mom that there was something strange going on the house.. I hope I NEVER go in that house again.. I still cant sleep with the light off i have to have a light on so that i can go to sleep...

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