1705 Ocean Drive, Vero Beach, FL 32963 - South Beach Place

by Mack
(Sebastian, Florida, USA)

Room 108 is haunted. After going to bed with my ex-wife, I began to feel a crushing pain on my chest as if the wind was being sucked out of me. In front of the bed was our cat meowing and scratching the mirror on the bathroom door. As he pushed the door open, I seen a shadowy figure in the tub laying there. Finally I am able to gasp for air and smack my wife on the bottom to wake her up. Told her what I seen and we both jumped up and ran to the manager, Brian Kelley. He told me he'd move me to another room, but not refund me. Told me I wasn't the first to say this. Inspected the room and seen in the tile of the shadow was a cover plate where a light socket used to be. Mr. Kelley informed me that this place had a guy die from electrocution years ago in the bath tub. Not sure what to make of it all, but I never went back.

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