161 Patterson St, Apt 209; Anchorage

by Clara
(Anchorage, Alaska)

We lived in that apartment for three years. During that time we experienced a little girl who would turn off the tv when she wanted attention. There was a Thai doll on the entertainment center that the little girl would always move. (We called the spirit Binky) I had a daughter who was six years old when we moved in, and Binky would play with her. Binky could also sound like my daughter. When my daughter wasn't home, I'd hear her voice calling "Mom". The living room would get very cold in spots, when the rest of the apartment was warm. No windows or doors open. I believe Binky was looked over by an older male spirit that had a big booming voice. I had a visit one day who experienced some of this, and I told him we have a ghost. He explained that a little girl had been stabbed to death by her brother in one of the apartments. If anyone is familiar with any of this, please comment.

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