1342 North Main St. Danville Va.

by pamela grubbs
(danville va)

Actually they just demolished the house about a month ago. It was the house I lived in for the first 12 years of my life. I have seen my parents hold seances there when I was probabaly 4 or 5. My sisters and I slept in our grandmothers room with her. The sister that is a year younger than I would sleep on a rollaway cot with me. It was by the entrance of the door and in front of the closet door. Toward the right of the door there was a small bathroom. It was at that door that my grandmother hung some of our shirts on this metal rack.

I remember laying on my right side because that is how I go to sleep, my sister was behind me on her back we were both watching t.v. I caught movement out of the corner of my eye. So I look directly over to the bathroom door. The shirts that were hanging on the rack were all moving by the arms. You know kind of like the wave that people do at games. Each shirt was going at diffrent times but all at the same time.
I slowly roll over to see if my sister was asleep yet when I looked at her, her eyes were big around as saucers. I knew she had seen this too!
There were other things that happened there also. We rented a room to someone that my father and uncles knew. He told them that he had came home late one night and got into bed. He said something cold started into the bed at his feet and began to move up. He left the room to sleep on the couch.
My youngest sister at the time went to that same room one day to get a toy out of the huge box of toys we had in there. She said that this demonic voice told her "Get The HELL out of here". She left quickly.
It was rented out to others after we left there. I wonder if anyone else had incidents to happen there?

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Oct 12, 2016
Not surprised at all NEW
by: Vee

I lived on North Main street for a while as a child. I was always on edge with all the strange happenings. Those houses are all historic and some of them hold histories so awful I think they should all be knocked down! Happiest day was when I left!

Mar 26, 2013
Interesting.... NEW
by: Ghost_VIPS

I wish I could have got to investigate and document activity at this location. If anyone has any haunted activity contact Virginia Investigation of Paranormal Science here Danville, VA. Our website is http://ghostvips.yolasite.com

Dec 15, 2012
this is freaky, i rented a apt. there....... NEW
by: nelson carroll

i rented a apt. at this address 2 apts. i lived in there...harvey fitzgerld owned them at the time.i have experinced some odd things there myself in 2001 i seen a man on my couch and ive heard some voices in both apts. its was quite an exp. me and my girlfriend moved out soon after that!!!

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