1109 Ave J Sterling, IL

My bulldog went in the kitchen i put a two and a half foot gate up my bulldog was short so i thought he would never be able to jump the gate. He started to make noises and he was facing the door i looked in the kitchen and he started running towards the gate and he jumped it and his hind legs hit the back and it fell. I didn't see anything at the door but he did. A few weeks later I went in my bedroom and my brother whispered my name i said "i know that's you" He said "Oh man" And then I heard it again I thought it was my brother again but when i looked in the hallway nobody was there except a shadow. The next day a friend came to my house it started getting late I walked into the kitchen. My front door was open it was glass so i seen a reflection in the hallway, in the hallway was a little girl peeking over the edge of the hallway opening. i looked again and it was gone. My friend said she also seen something like this. I went in my moms bedroom to find my brother crying and a shadow was about to pick him up i ran over to him and picked him up. A month later i went looking for my brother in the house i found our rocking chair pushed up to the playpen and he was talking to an empty playpen. The last paranormal thing that happened was i told my brothers friend that i seen things at my house and he ran in the house and shouted I am not scared of you little girl. We went on the side of my house there was a window on the side of my house i seen a face in the window and so did 3 other bystanders my brothers friend went inside with another person and the little girl somehow scared him she showed him that she was real that was the last time (2 months ago) we seen anything. I guess when she is threatened she comes out of hiding.

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