10800 cornhusker road & 96th st.

by Micaela Horton
(Lavista,NE usa)

As you take cornhusker just coming from 96th st. you will pass a few residential homes to your right.

Three curves and the road is possibly missed on your right. Take the left path and follow until you can turn around safely.(as a chicken exit)

When you get out of the car and make your way up the path.
There will be a old farm set up. Its trespassing so be quiet!
There have been witiness' of chains {sounds}laughing, getting hot on hands and face, seeing shadows, hearing movement like people running and eerie feelings the whole time you're up here.
You can make your way to the barn which is vary vary old and about to crumble and walk in. It's hidden at night so bring some lights to find your way around...
The old grain silo is where a young girl who once lived here hung herself. Right of the barn was a house, but after being burned to the ground it sits as ashes and fragments of trashed memories mostly patches of uncut grass, it appeared that the farm was being sold and the family lost every thing.

Be responsible and respectable.

google maps..link..

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