1015 12 st west Bradenton Florida

by Wm Hallbrook
(Bradenton Florida)

When I was 14 years old, my father purchased an old two story home in the downtown district of Bradenton. This area is now an artist community. My father lived there in the same home until he passed in 2005. It's probably the oldest home in the area. I believe it was built in the twenties and is one of the only second story homes there.

When we moved in, we noticed some strange things right away...such as bones being found in the closts and crawl spaces (animal). Many family members came and went over the years, all recalling strange sounds, experiences, etc.
One evening as we were sitting watching television, a loud booming sound came from upstairs and shook the house. It sounded as if a 50 lb bag of flour was slammed onto the bedroom floor right above our heads! Upon inspection, nothing amiss was found.
Lights would turn on and sounds, voices, etc. would be heard. My nephew lived there for awhile and was scared out of his wits!
The house still stands today . I doubt that the neighbors even know its haunted .

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Feb 22, 2015
re: Marsha NEW
by: william

Hey Marsha...what was with the 12 stringed guitar left behind? We found it when we moved in. Funny... I was 14 when we moved into the house. We had a large family and the house saw a lot of activity over the years. I recently visited the place last summer. It's an art/antique shop now.

Jul 13, 2013

Your dad must have purchased this home from my dad. I lived there until we moved. It was 1976 and I was 14 years old...I loved that house! But, yes...she did have some strange happenings...

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