1003 W. 12th Ave

by Beth McDunn
(Indianola, Iowa)

My friend Hailee has lived in this house for years since we were little she has a proctecter taht bother her and my son can see! There is this demon that lives in her room upstairs that has attacked her multiple times and left bruises around her neck from him choking her. This house has been Investigated many times and there is a demon there and multiple ghosts. My son has played with the little boy that runs around the house they would roll a ball back and fourth playing with eachother. But one day my son tried going upstairs and their dog jumped infront of him on the stairs and growled at him to make him get off the stairs. I have seen the dog spaze in her kennel for no reason from a dead sleep to were she yelped and ran outta the kennel. I myself refuse to go into the kitchen at night and to go upstairs without anyone because of the feelings i have when i know something is watching me or around me.

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