" It's Mollie Sissy "

by Destinee Lynn + Kayla Marie

Okay, so My dad and his girlfriend moved into a new house. Its in the middle of cornfields. Well, I have a little sister who is three and 1/2 years old. We call her Nu-Nu for short. So, anyways, I was alone one night with her about a week after we moved in. Well, she was sitting in a corner of my dad's bedroom and she was talking away to someone. At first it didn't really bother me because small children do that all the time. Then she started rubbing at the air, and saying "wow, Mollie, I like your dress." Well then I started to get a little paranoid. So, I asked her who she was talking to and she said " it's Mollie sissy" Well I blew it off until I noticed that I was hearing noises very frequently, and every time I heard a noise I would jump up. whenever Nu-Nu heard it, she would laugh and say, " Its just Mollie sissy" Well this went on for weeks. I only stay with my Father half the time, and every time I was over there she would always talk to Mollie. One night I had one of my best friends stay over. We asked Nu-Nu where Mollie was and she pointed at the empty seat by her mother. Well we started asking questions and she refused to answer ANY of them, the only thing she would say was, "Mollie does not want you to know" and then after the third question she said, "Mollie left sissy, she is mad now" Ironically, all night that night me and my friend heard beating and banging ALL night. It got to the point that My cousin refused to leave the room. We stayed up All night until my father got up. So, after many more experiences and I began to see a woman that look as if she was from the early 1900's. So I researched death certificates for that area and I found a woman that passed away on my road named Mollie King. She was born in 1903 and passed away in 1931. It's a scary thought because I know that a three year child would never know anything like this. But I accept it, because she was there long before we were.

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