hell's church - canton, georgia

by Audrey
(woodstock, ga)

this is the church

this is the church

It is a very old church. There have been hangings, satanists, and other things.

It was even reported that a man was found chopped up in a bag.

i went there with my fiancee' and a couple of friends.

As you drive up to the church, you can the sound of people running by the car.

in the cemetery is a spirit named thomas, the man found chopped up.

he will rise out of his grave and disappear in seconds. you hear mocking voices, lights, other spirits, voices, and sounds from the church. As you leave you, thomas will scary you by standing in the middle of the road with a grin.

He is technically a prankster. The other spirit there is a hung man.

At full moon nights, you can see a noose in the tree with a man moaning for help. this place is very haunted and you can even look it up if you want the full history of it.

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Aug 27, 2014
hells church NEW
by: Anonymous

back in 09 me and some friends went to hells church this was like our fifth investigation of the night.starting in northern pickens county some places we saw heard and
recorded both audio and visual but nothing like what was about to happen. some of us that night were vets of this sorta thing but 3 was not this was the first time. Anyways we pulled up and got out we all walked to the right side down around the back when we first got there i could smell a structure fire after it had been put out i k the smell very well and i kn there was no fires anywhere in county there had not been for two days i k this because at the time i had been on the job for 8 years at this time i was with cherokee county fire so . i noticed two black figures approaching out of the woods at the eating tables i started towards them to [play] only to be stopped by one of the guys i was with sayin bs i turned just in time to hear 1 of the girls lets go lookin up at the back windows you could see the out line of what looked to be 4 males[2 to ea window] beating on the windows seconds later the most agonizing screams of men women children started up 2 of the new ppl started running back to the front the two shadows from the woods were now within estimated 15 foot of us. i wanted to stay but having some rooks with us i k it was best to leave so we started up to the car in front i walked backwards watching the shadows advance on us when we got to the hill me and 2 of the guys glanced at the graves and saw the man swinging by a rope but he turned into something idk what i have seen a lot but that was the first for me right before i got in the car i started smelling a familiar scent i have smelled it over 7 times and all seven times was on duty and someone was very badly burnt all those 7 times. this place is haunted very much so four of our ppl had nightmares for 3 weeks after that night different ones of the church on different nights but all had the same dreams and no we didnt all live together some lived in pickens some in cherokee some in alpharetta . i have seen alot have had a couple of close calls before doing this but i have never investigated somewhere that i did not go back too except hells church i am not scared of it maybe thats stupidity on my part but my instincts wich has kept me alive all these years has told me since that night do not go back it wont end well at all so warning idk what is there exactly but its evil and i do believe that it can hurt ppl very very bad!

Jan 21, 2013
Hell's Church NEW
by: Kerri

Me and some others went to hells church twice this last week. I have a lot of pics. and some strange things happened out at the church. If anyone would like to go as a group please give me a call 770-861-1163 please serious people only .

Sep 24, 2011
Great Job
by: Robb

Great job on your investigation. Very spooky and creepy place, I love that kind of feeling you discribed .Robb

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